Internship Form


Instructions to fill the Online Application Form

  1. Name: Enter your name (as in Class 10th/High School Certificate)
  2. Father’s Name: Enter your father’s full name (as in Class 10th/High School Certificate)
  3. Address: Enter your present address for correspondence with 6-digit PIN Code
  4. Contact Number: Enter your landline number, if any, with the relevant STD Code
  5. Mobile Number: Enter your 10-digit mobile number correctly (without pre-fixing zero)
  6. E-mail ID: Enter your correct and valid e-mail ID
  7. Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format only (as in Class 10th/High School Certificate)
  8. Educational Qualifications: For Under Graduate/Graduate/Post Graduate/Higher Studies Mention the discipline against the course selected. For e.g. Course Discipline B. Tech Civil B.Tech Computers B.Sc. Maths B.A Economics In case the course is not mentioned amongst the list of courses, choose “Others” and enter Discipline against it.
  9. Select the Qualification Status: Whether Pursuing or Completed. - If already appeared in semester/term exam, then the candidate should mention the next semester as the pursuing semester/term.
  10. Enter marks in percentage: It may be noted that the student is required to enter the net/average percentage scored till date. CGPA/Grade shall be converted into equivalent percentage.
  11. Area of Interest: Choose only one area of interest.