Intensive Examinations

In-House Intensive Examination of Contracts

Different department viz. Solar, Power System, Admin, HR of Corporate Office, SECI are sending Quarterly Progress Reports of various contracts as per CVC guidelines. Based on these reports, Vigilance SECI selects the necessary Works Contract, Stores / Purchase Contracts including EPC/PMC/SECI Own Projects, Projects executed under Government Guidelines/Schemes for conducting Intensive Examination.

Formation of Internal Intensive Examination Teams

  • As per the guidelines issued by CVC, the Public Sector Enterprises are required to form internal Inspection Teams for conducting Intensive Examination of Works Contracts and Stores / Purchase Orders on the pattern of CTE Organization, periodically. The results of such inspections are reported to CTE by SECI Vigilance along with Quarterly Progress Reports in the prescribed format.
  • On average six no. of intensive examinations are being carried out at SECI according to the pattern of CTE Organization for Works Contract and Stores / Purchase Contract.
  • Before conducting Inspection of a particular project or site, Member from Vigilance SECI of Intensive Examination Team would obtain the details from the concerned division in the specified format.