NIT documents : supply and installation of it networking & av equipments at corporate office complex of solar energy corporation of india limited (SECI) at NBCC building, kidwai nagar (east), new delhi

Publication Date: 27/04/2020


The detailed NIT document including its Annexures have been uploaded on (Only viewed on Microsoft Internet explorer 10.x or above browser), CPPP Portal and under Tender Section of SECI Website Prospective bidders are requested to refer to ISN-ETS, CPPP and SECI websites for details. 


The Pre-Bid Meeting is scheduled at 1500 HRS on 08.05.2020 at SECI Office, New Delhi.


Last Date for Submission of Bids (Both Online and Offline) : Upto 1500 HRS on 29.05.2020


Opening of Techno-Commercial Bids : w.e.f. 1600 HRS on 29.05.2020 


Prospective bidders are requested to remain updated for any notices/ amendments/ clarifications etc. to the RfS documents through the websites and as no separate notification will be issued.




Tender Search Code (TSC) for the NIT in ISN-ETS : SECI-2020-TN000015


Tender ID for the NIT in CPPP : 2020_SECI_531726_1