IMPORTANT: Pre-bid meeting for RfS for 2500 MW ISTS-connected Solar PV Projects in UMREPP, Koppal (ISTS-X)

With respect to the RfS for setting up of 2500 MW ISTS-connected Solar PV Projects at UMREPP in Koppal District, Karnataka (ISTS-X), Pre-bid meeting for the tender has been rescheduled to be held on 10.06.2020, at 14:00 hrs (IST). The meeting will be conducted through video-conferencing on the "Blizz" platform by TeamViewer, and invitations to the meeting shall be sent on 09.06.2020. Prospective bidders interested in participating in the pre-bid may intimate the names and email ids of respective participants, by mailing to and, latest by 08.06.2020 (18:00 hrs). Those who have already emailed regarding participation in the meeting, need not email again.