Extension of bid submission deadline-VII : Selection of Solar Power Developers for setting up of 15 MW grid connected floating solar PV power plant at BBMB


This is in reference to the RfS No. SECI/C&P/SPD/RfS/15MW/BBMB/072020 regarding the Tender for “Selection of Project Developer for Setting up of 15 MW Grid Connected Floating Solar PV Power Plant at Nangal Pond, Near Village Neilla, District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh under Domestic Competitive Bidding”.

The last date of online bid submission is hereby extended till 15.01.2021 (18:00 HRS).

The last date of offline bid submission is hereby extended till 19.01.2021 (18:00 HRS).

The techno-commercial bid opening shall be carried out w.e.f. 11:00 HRS on 20.01.2021. 

Prospective bidders are requested to remain updated for any notices/ amendments/ clarifications etc. to the RfS documents through the websites www.seci.co.in and https://www.bharat-electronictender.com as no separate notification will be issued. 

Tender Search Code (TSC) for the RfS in ISN-ETS : SECI-2020-TN000021

Tender ID for the RfS in CPPP : 2020_SECI_543431_1